Who me?

I have been creating things out of clay since I was a kid, collecting it from creek-beds and creating little objects I would 'fire' in the sun.

I received my BFA from the college of Design Architecture Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.  I concentrated my studies on ceramics, art education, communications, and global studies.

What's in a name?

When I was little, I found myself signing the back of handmade cards Kreated with Kare.  Over the years that has evolved, and yet the name has stuck with me.  I put the utmost care into each object I am working on, hoping to make a product worthy of this seal.

I also aim to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between myself and my patrons.  I would love to to hear your ideas and how we could work together to create a unique piece of art that is just right for you!

Send question, comments or concerns my way: createdwcare@gmail.com